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 Welcome to the past.....

Within my website you will find a wide variety of carefully researched and legally acquired objects of both historical and cultural interest. The items listed hail from my own large private collection of antiquities, fossils and assorted curios amassed over some 40 years of collecting. Many of the items listed have been in my possession for quite some time, in excess of 30 years or more in some cases and most originate from much older private collections put together between the 1880's and 1980's. Note: As my downsizing is nearing completion, I now merely drip feed items onto the website in order to keep it ticking over.

I should add though, I am not a trader or dealer as such, merely a keen, long term collector of antiquities and curiosities but the time came for me to downsize my collection quite significantly, hence the creation of this website to aide me in finding new homes for a large number of my items. I merely sought to try and recoup my initial outlay for items and cover my basic website hosting & material costs, as a consequence, you will find that my items are all affordable, and priced far below that which you would expect to pay from a dealer in a traditional gallery or saleroom.

Every item is guaranteed to be genuine and as described and my current inventory includes antiquities, fossils, antique documents, collector books and curiosities. The eras covered range from the Stone Age right through all of the major Ancient Civilisations and continuing right up to the 19th Century in a few cases.
Despite what many people think, antiquities are not merely costly works of art, the vast majority were nothing more than every day domestic, decorative or votive items, made, used, worn and then discarded in Ancient times. Although hand made, many ancient items were in fact mass-produced in workshops (mass production is certainly not a recent invention!) thus these fascinating pieces of the past are generally more common than you would also imagine. The majority of my items are sourced from old private collections, many amassed in the 19th and 20th Centuries when the passion and fascination for collecting ancient items was really at its peak.
History really comes alive when you hold and ancient item in your hands and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity, and right to own a small piece of antiquity, provided of course that the items in question are both sufficiently common,  are not detrimental to any national heritage nor of such importance that they should legitimately be housed in a museum environment.
Anyway, I do hope you enjoy looking at my website and hope you maybe find a little something of interest. I will of course upload other items to the website from time to time, so do check back to see what’s new. Should you require any further information about a particular item or any other information generally, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also should any of you wish to sell any items from your own collections via my website, do please get in touch with me, as I am always happy to sell items for other collectors on a purely commission basis as well. My website, even in its current semi-dormant state still gets 50,000+ page visits each year, and as such, is a great shop window to reach other collectors; this revenue merely helps pay for my ever-increasing annual web hosting costs. With commission sales, I handle the listing, uploading, photographs and all postage and packaging requirements. Payment for items is then made by either Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheque or cash once the items approval period has passed.


Eras covered :- 

Recent Additions (N.B. Multiple pages)
The Stone Age
The Bronze Age
The Iron Age (Celtic)
The Roman and Byzantine Empires
The Anglo Saxons and Vikings
The Medieval Period
The Post Medieval Periods
The Ancient Near East
The Ancient Far East
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean
The Ancient Americas
Fossils & Dinosaurs
Miscellaneous items, Curios, Meteorites, Antique Documents and Collector Books


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