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A pleasant Neolithic flint scraper tool, Woodhenge, Salisbury Plain (N90)
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Neolithic c.3000 B.C. A pleasant Neolithic flint scraper tool found in the early 1970's close to Woodhenge, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, an extremely famous and important Neolithic site which together with the neighbouring Stonehenge were both designated World Heritage sites in 1986. From a Hampshire Geologists collection. Fashioned from a pleasant bluish, white and grey flint flake. This tool would most likely have been used for the cutting and scraping of animal hide. A pleasant and affordable example from a very famous and now, World Heritage site; intact and in nice condition with good surface ageing and an attractive old patination with a few iron oxide highlights further adding to its visual appeal, 55mm long x 40mm wide x 14mm thick