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A good Late Saxon lead spindle whorl, North Yorkshire , SOLD
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Late Saxon - Early Medieval c.10th / 11th Century A.D. A good Late Saxon lead spindle whorl found in North Yorkshire and from an old Scottish collection. Of typical flattened, bi-conical form and features decoration of 5 x embossed ridges on each side, effectively dividing the whorl into five segments with each containing three boldly embossed pellets, central hole for wooden spindle shaft [Spindle Whorls were small circular weights that were fitted to a thin wooden shaft to the top of which natural sheep's wool was attached and the entire thing then spun between the fingers to wind the wool into yarn suitable for weaving] A couple of minor knocks from its time buried in the earth but otherwise intact and in good condition for ancient lead, a decent example of the type, 29mm diameter x 10mm thick