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A good Lower Paleolithic "Clactonian" flint core hand axe, Barnham Pit, Suffolk
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Hoxnian Interglacial period (MIS11) c.424k-374k BC. A good Lower Paleolithic "Clactonian Industry " flint core hand axe found many years ago at the famous Lower Paleolithic site of Barnham Pit, Suffolk and from an old Norfolk collection. Fashioned from an attractive honey coloured flint, flat underside but worked over upper surface to form a functional digging point and also a distinct medial ridge along its length which has some indications of percussive use and so was probably used as a simplistic chopper blade. Intact and in very nice condition, possessing a lovely old surface ageing / patination and a wonderful Lower Paleolithic colouration, a very nice early example form a notable early Paleolithic site, 73mm long x 80mm wide x 55mm deep