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A good Paleolithic Early Neanderthal flint hand axe / chopper, High Lodge, Mildenhall, Suffolk SOLD
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Site dated to MIS 6 to 7, c.191,000 to 243,000 years BP. A good Paleolithic Early Neanderthal flint hand axe / chopper excavated many years ago at the famous and well documented Paleolithic site of High Lodge near Mildenhall, Suffolk. Fashioned from an entire flint nodule of dappled black and brown coloured flint with original whitish pebble cortex remaining on much of the tool and making for a good grip in the hand, a single distinct main chopping and cutting edge, well worked throughout with clear indications of use in the distant past. Axe totally intact and with nice colouration and dappling, good surface ageing and patination, a good example of an early Neanderthal flint hand tool, 83mm long x 67mm wide x 46mm thick