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A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint "Backed blade" knife, Lynford Quarry, Norfolk.
A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint
A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint
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Site occupied and dated to 65,000 to 57,000 years ago. A good Paleolithic (Neanderthal) flint "Backed blade" knife found many years back close to the now famous Paleolithic Neanderthal habitation site of Lynford Quarry, Norfolk.[This famous and well documented site sat on the edge of an ancient channel of water where Neanderthals thrived and hunted. When excavated many years back, hundreds of flint tools were unearthed alongside thousands of butchered bones and teeth of Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos and Deers. The quarry is now a nature reserve owned by English Heritage so tools can no longer be unearthed here, so this is a rare opportunity to obtain a good Neanderthal flint tool from a notable site]. Fashioned from an elongate trihedral flint flake with light reworking along blade edge to both enhance and sharpen it. In very nice overall condition, with good surface ageing and a pleasant patination. A pleasant and scarce Neanderthal hand tool from a notable site, 98mm long x 28mm deep x 20mm thick