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A good Paleolithic Neanderthal "Levallois" flint flake hand saw tool, France 1960's SOLD
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Paleolithic period c.50,000 B.C. A good Paleolithic Neanderthal "Levallois" flint flake hand saw tool found in the 1950's/60's in Central France and from an old French collection amassed in the 1950's/60's. A largish elongate flake with flattish underside, worked on upper surface in typical "Levallois" style and struck from a larger pre-prepared flint core. One side retouched to form denticulations (saw teeth) along its length and was obviously used in the capacity of a rudimentary hand saw. Pleasant shiny greyish-blue coloured patina, some gentle surface smoothing from the millennia buried in the Earth. A pleasing and interesting Neanderthal flint hand tool, 87mm long x 31mm wide x 10mm