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A good "Ritually snapped" Neolithic semi-polished stone axe, Tenerian Culture, Niger (N98)
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c.4,000 to 3,000 B.C. A good Neolithic "Ritually snapped" semi-polished stone axed axe, Tenerian Culture, Sahara Desert Region, Niger, Africa and from a Hampshire Geologists collection. A well worked and clearly defined axe skilfully fabricated from a pleasant Brown stone (Jasper?) finely knapped along side edges with a smoothly polished and ground blade edge and a very clean and precise snapped edge, suggesting it was Ritually snapped in half in readiness for for sacred deposition, as the process of breaking pieces was thought to remove them from this World in readiness for the next, a tradition which continued into the later Bronze Age cultures and beyond in some cases. In  very nice condition throughout and an attractive old desert patina with subtle sand smoothing of percussion ridges. A nice and interesting example of the type, 66mm long x 47mm wide x 9mm thick.