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A huge, heavy and impressive Early Paleolithic Stone Cobble chopper hand axe, Hampshire. SOLD
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Early-Mid-Acheulian c.400,000-300,000 B.C. A huge, heavy and impressive Early Paleolithic pointed Stone Cobble chopper - hand axe found many years back in Kimbridge Pit, near Romsey, Hampshire and from a Hampshire collection. Skilfully fashioned from a large river cobble, uni-facially worked and struck to remove three large flakes effectively producing a sturdy chopping edge and point. The remainder of the hand axe / chopper still has the original pebble cortex in-situr with acts as an effective hand grip. This heavy tool was most likely used for crushing animal bones to extract the bone marrow, a large and imposing early stone age hand tool (weighing 0.8kg), in very nice condition with some gentle smoothing of surfaces from its time buried in the earth, 122mm wide, 113mm high x 47mm deep.