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A huge Lower Paleolithic unifacial flint scraper / chopping tool, Kimbridge Pit, Hampshire (N80)
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Sited dated to MIS 9-8, c.337k-300k BP. A huge Lower Paleolithic flint scraper / chopping hand axe found many years back in Kimbridge Pit, Romney, Hampshire and from a Hampshire Geologists collection. Formed from a large very flake of white, yellow and cream coloured flint struck from a large flint nodule with some original pebble cortex remaining on the main hand grip side; expertly worked to form a wide and flared distinct functional scraping / chopping edge. Nice surfaces with good ageing and a nice Lower Paleolithic patination, very rare this large, an interesting and tactile early flint hand tool, 122mm long x 127mm wide (across edge) x 45mm deep approx.