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A large & excellent Lipleurodon vertebrae, Jurassic Period, Kimmeridgian, Oxfordshire (N15) SOLD
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Kimmeridgian layers , Oxfordshire. Jurassic Period c.160-155 million years old. A large and excellent vertebrae (back bone) from a Lipleurodon species of Pliosaur, a huge and ferocious marine predatory reptile with a huge head and jaws lined with large pointed sharp teeth and four large flipper like limbs for powering it through the water. Lipleurodon would typically grow to in excess of 7 meter's in length and weighing some 5 tons, it was the apex predator in the seas during the Jurassic period. A large and very nice example of the type, from a Hampshire Geologists collection, 108mm x 100mm x 50mm