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A large & excellent Neolithic "Langdale Tuff" polished stone axe, Yorkshire [Ex.S.Camm Coll.] SOLD
A large & excellent Neolithic
A large & excellent Neolithic A large & excellent Neolithic A large & excellent Neolithic A large & excellent Neolithic
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c.3000 - 2500 B.C. A large, superb quality and beautifully polished Neolithic "Langdale Tuff" polished stone axe head found in Yorkshire, many years back and Ex. Simon Camm Collection, Cornwall [Simon is a retired Geologist and over many decades amassed the most fantastic collection of only the finest quality and rarest examples of Stone Age and Bronze Age artefact's, but has reluctantly now had to start downsizing his wonderful collection]. [Langdale Tuff is a fine grained hard greenstone ideal for grinding and polishing and the production of large stone axes and is found in veins from Cornwall right through to Scotland but with a particular proliferation in Great Langdale, a valley in the Lake District where major Neolithic stone axe factories were established and where this type of axe derives its name]. A truly impressive axe, very nicely and evenly defined with beautifully smooth surfaces and an excellent blade edge with no real signs of impact use, so quite possibly a piece manufactured solely as a status piece or a very special deposition item for placement at a sacred site; axes such as this were highly prized indeed within Neolithic society. Apart from a couple of miniscule knocks from its time buried in the Earth, this lovely axe is totally intact and perfect throughout, a superb quality and very tactile example of this much sought after lithic tool, 160mm long x 85mm across the blade x 38mm at thickest