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A large & heavy Lower Paleolithic "Acheulian" flint hammer stone, Kimbridge Pit, Hampshire (N71)
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Sited dated to MIS 9-8, c.337k-300k BP. A large and heavy Lower Paleolithic "Acheulian" flint hammer stone found many years back in Kimbridge Pit, Romney, Hampshire and from a Hampshire Geologists collection. Formed from a large white, blue, grey and brown coloured flint nodule with some exterior cortex remaining in parts. Several faces show clear indications of repeated impact, possibly from the hammer stone being used to smash open large animal bones in order to extract the nutritious bone marrow. The hammer stone now imbued with a smoothing in parts, totally intact with good surfaces and attractive Old Paleolithic colouration and patination, an appealing and tactile Lower Paleolithic hand tool, 108mm long x 85mm wide x 75mm deep approx.