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A large & very nicely framed segment of linen wrapping from an Ancient Egyptian Mummy (K11) SOLD
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Late New Kingdom (20th Dynasty) c.1189-1077 B.C. A large and nicely presented segment of linen wrapping from the outer wrappings of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy. This particular piece of linen was unearthed in the mid 20th Century in the Luxor (Thebes) area of Egypt and hails from an old Irish collection. Stains from oils and unguents used in the wrapping process still clearly visible. Very nicely presented in glass fronted wooden box frame with both a suspension loop on the reverse for hanging on a wall and also a fold up stand to allow it to stand on a shelf or cabinet. A good sized example and an interesting addition to any Egyptian collection. Linen segment approximately 155mm tall x 135mm wide, frame measures 272 mm tall x 220mm wide.