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A large and heavy Lower Palaeolithic flint chopper & quartz inclusion, Harkstead, Suffolk. SOLD
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MIS13 - MIS11 c.531,000 to 420,000 B.C. A large and heavy Lower Paleolithic flint chopper with a small quartz inclusion on one face, found on the banks of the River Stour at Harkstead, Suffolk and from an old Suffolk collection. Well worked for such an early tool and fashioned from a large mottled grey flint flake, clearly worked on either face to form a well defined functional chopping blade edge, blade shows signs of repeated impact and this sizable tool was most likely used for chopping animal flesh or breaking open animal bones to extract the nutritious bone marrow. Some gentle water smoothing enhancing the piece, a good old Palaeolithic coloration and shiny patination on worked surfaces, a decent and sizable example of a very early chopper tool, 115mm wide x 120mm long x 48mm thick