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A large and impressive Anglo Saxon Silver Zoomorphic strap end (repaired), found in Norfolk. SOLD
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c.8th/9th Century A.D. A large and impressive Mid-Anglo Saxon Silver Zoomorphic strap end found in Norfolk and from an old Norfolk collection. Of typical form with a tapering stylised Zoomorphic terminal meant to represent a rodent like, with an inset panel on top surface featuring two elongate recesses that were probably once filled with enamelling and a geometric panel of punched crescents towards the butt end. Two small rivet holes at butt end in upper rivet plate for affixing to the end of a leather strap, lower rivet plate now lost. Excavated broken in two but skillfully repaired to whole, sometime in the past. Good silver with nice surfaces, stylistically very appealing and a much larger than usual example of the type, an impressive piece of Anglo Saxon adornment, 60mm long x 15mm wide.