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A large and superb quality Tudor period bronze domed decorative pendant, British. SOLD
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c.1500 A.D. A large and superb quality Tudor period decorative bronze domed decorative pendant found some years back in the Midlands.Possibly a ceremonial horse harness or strap decoration. Very nicely crafted with finely executed embossed detail on the top of the domed body resembling a seven petalled flower with each petal containing yet a smaller 5 petalled flower within. Raised pellet border around perimiter of pendant. Robust suspension loop at top, pointed finial at bottom and what appears to be strap guide on the back. Most likely once silvered or gilded but now merely bronze but with excellent surfaces all round and the most attractive shiny deep green patina. A lovely piece, totally intact and robust and one that could very easily be worn around the neck on a chain as a jewellry pendant if required. 46mm long x 33mm wide x 14mm thick.