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A large, attractive Ancient Egyptian multiple "Eye of Horus" bichrome faience amulet. SOLD
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Late Dynastic period c.600 B.C. A large, attractive  Ancient Egyptian multiple "Eye of Horus" bi-chrome faïence amulet. Fashioned from a most attractive deep turquoise / green glazed faïence with 7 embossed, black glazed pupils. This elaborate protective amulet is effectively a stylised composite of 7 separate "Eye of Horus" amulets, normally depicted as a large single eye, with eyebrow and pupil with a regal beard below. This amulet is pierced laterally for suspension; totally intact and in excellent condition with a most attractive colouration, an old collection piece and a very nice example of the type, supplied in a nice display box, 19mm wide x 18mm high x 5mm thick