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A large, excellent and complete Ancient Egyptian Mortarium (grits intact), from Athribis, Egypt. SOLD
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Late Ptolemaic Period c.1st Century B.C. A large, excellent and complete Ancient Egyptian Mortarium (with grits intact), excavated many years ago in Athribis in the Southern Delta region of Upper Egypt. A solid and heavy example with a small ring pedestal base, thick shallow bowled body and topped with a thick wide, slightly rounded rim. Three concentric circles of sharp angular stones neatly embedded around the centre of the main bowl forming the main grinding surface and this vessel would probably have been used to grind and mash vegetables and other food stuffs using a smooth rock or carved stone pestle. As excavated with a few areas of sandy soild still adhering which could easily be removed if so desired, otherwise totally intact and unrepaired and an excellent and robust example of this scarce domestic vessel, 230mm diameter x 50mm deep.