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A large, excellent and very nicely worked Neolithic flint Awl / Borer from Lakenheath, Suffolk. SOLD
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c.4000-3000 B.C. A large and very nicely worked Neolithic flint Awl / Borer found many years back in Lakenheath, Suffolk and from a Cornish collection. Fashioned from an attractive marbled blue / grey coloured flint. Flat underside and well worked on upper surface with a well defined functional point. Fits well in the hand and is a very tactile piece overall. The awl would most likely have been used for making holes in animal hide so it could be sewn together to form shelter or clothing. Totally intact and in lovely condition with a most attractive colouration, good surface ageing and a pleasant shiny patina, a particularly large and well executed example of type from a noteable Location, approx 78mm long x 34mm at widest x 9mm at thickest.