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A large Lower Paleolithic flint "notched end scraper", Barton-on-sea, Hants (N87)
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Lower Paleolithic (MIS 11 - 9) c.410,000 to 324,000 BP. A large Lower Paleolithic flint "notched end scraper" found some years back in the Solent River plateau gravels at Barton-on-sea, Hampshire and from a Hampshire Geologists collection. Well fashioned from a large primary core detached flake of mottled grey, ochre and black flint with original pebble cortex remaining on lower unworked side; a well defined main notched scraper blade with further retouching along most of the functional edge. Some gentle water smoothing in parts and a pleasant old surface ageing and patination, a tactile and appealing Lower Paleolithic hand tool, 87mm wide x 75mm long x 23mm thick