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A large, nice quality Late Mesolithic / Early Neolithic flint "Petit Tranchet" Assymetric Chisel tipped arrowhead, North Yorkshire. SOLD
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Late Mesolithic - Early Neolithic c.7000-5000 B.C. A large flint "Petit Tranchet" Chisel tipped arrowhead found in North Yorkshire and from an Essex collection. Skillfully fashioned from an attractive beige / tan flint, nicely worked on either side to form the characteristic "V" shaped body with a bifacially worked wide curved chisel edged blade, still sharp to the touch. [Tranchets arrowheads were effectively reverse mounted with the pointed end fixed into the arrow shaft and the wide razor sharp chisel tipped edge designed for causing maximum wounding and blood loss in order to bring down larger prey much more efficiently, this assymetric example also has a pointed barb to one side, not only to maximise wounding but help prevent the animal shaking loose the arrow tip whilst trying to evade capture]. This is a large and well worked example, intact and in very nice condition with good surface ageing, a nice example, 37mm long x 34mm across blade edge.