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A large, rare and impressive Roman Military Bronze Phalera (Military Breastplate medallion) from London. SOLD
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c.2nd/3rd Century A.D. A large, rare and impressive Roman Military Bronze Openwork "Trompetenmuster" Phalera (Military Breastplate Medallion) excavated many years back in London and from a Cambridgeshire collection. [A Phalera was a gold, silver or bronze sculpted disk shaped medallion worn on the breastplate during parades by Roman Soldiers who had been awarded it as a kind of medal. Roman military units could also be awarded phalerae for distinguished conduct in action. These awards were often mounted on the staffs of the unit's standards]. This particular Phalera is of an elaborate openwork "Trompetenmuster" design, intertwined trumpet like shapes and would have most likley been silvered or gilded in the past. A section lost in antiquity but largely complete and in nice condition with a pleasant dark green surface patination, suspension loop at top. A rare and seldom offered Roman Military item, 65mm x 65mm.