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A large, scarce & exceptional Early Neolithic Transverse Chisel tipped flint arrowhead, Norfolk SOLD
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c.4000 B.C. A large, scarce and exceptional Early Neolithic Transverse Chisel tipped flint arrowhead found in Norfolk many years back and from an old collection. This very unusual flint point features a very wide and slightly convex main blade edge which has been expertly worked to form a body that then has concave tapers on either side forming the main tang for insertion into a wooden shaft. Blade edge still well defined and sharp. These points were used for bringing down large prey quickly as they caused massive blood loss as a result of the very wide blade. Intact and a much larger and better defined example than is usual with an attractive old, mottled white and blue/grey patina, a lovely example of the type, 50mm across blade x 40mm long x 7mm thick