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A large, scarce and superb Celtic silver Axe pendant on its original suspension hoop. SOLD
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c.400-300 B.C. A scarce, excellent and much larger than normal Celtic silver Axe pendant on its original suspension hoop. Very nicely made, axe pendant and hoop both of good quality bright silver. These axe pendants were produced by the Thracian Celts that inhabited the banks of the River Danube in Bulgaria. Axe pendants were a dominant symbol in Thracian Celtic culture and were often worn as Talismen or combined together and worn bangles or in vast pectoral necklaces containing many rows of loops and miniature axes. These pendants possibly held some ceremonial significance and were most likely treasured possessions. This particularly large and impressive example is totally intact, in excellent condition and a lovely example of its type, supplied in display box, Axe 25mm long x 14mm wide, suspension hoop 18mm diameter.

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