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A largely complete "Vinca Culture", Early Neolithic torso from a decorated pottery votive anthropormorhic figure, Rare. SOLD
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c.5700-4200 B.C. A rare and nice quality, largely complete torso from a Vinca Culture Early Neolithic period decorated pottery votive figure. The Vinca Culture were an advanced Early Neolithic race largely inhabiting the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece; they were reknown for producing pottery anthropormorhic votive statuettes and figures presumably for placement in a temple or place of worship. This torso features one arm still in situ and hand embellished belt decoration around the waist; it was obviously once part of a larger and most likely painted humanoid figure. A good sized and stable example measuring 62mm x 41mm x 20mm, a good value piece of Early Neolithic decorative pottery.