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A nice and well worked Mesolithic Flint spear head from Dorset SOLD
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c.10,000 to 5,000 B.C. A nice and well worked Mesolithic Flint spear head found in Dorset many years back on a know Mesolithic habitation site and from an old West Country collection. Of typical Mesolithic Uni-facial flake fabrication and fashioned from a pleasant, slightly banded light grey flint; It has a pronounced medial ridge on the upper surface with the still sharp and slightly denticulated main blade edges falling away from it. A good tip and Spear edges further re-worked on both sides to form slight serrations to the cutting edges. The spear head would have been hafted and secured using natural resin into a wooden shaft for use. Totally intact with a nice old surface patination, a nice example of the type, 67mm long x 39mm wide x 10mm thick