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A nice Early Anglo Saxon Cruciform "Small-long" bronze brooch from North Yorkshire. SOLD
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Early 6th Century A.D. A nice Early Anglo Saxon Cruciform "Small-long" bronze brooch found in North Yorkshire many years back and from a Durham collection. Brooch of typical form for this period with ornate Cruciform shaped head, shallow humped bow with a narrow but gently widening catchplate. Iron pin and very tip of one of the Cruciform lobes missing; plus an almost impercievable, professionally administered metallurgical repair to a small crack in the bow (a great many Saxon brooches are found broken or damaged as a result of impact from farm machinery, ploughs, rotavators etc and most will have some form of repair or restoration as a result) otherwise the brooch is in very nice overall condition, robust, with decent surfaces and a pleasant overall dark patination, a nice example of the type, 58mm long x 28mm wide.