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A nice group of Medieval decorative floor tile segments in a vintage frame, Staffordshire. SOLD
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c.13th/14th Century A.D. A nice group of Medieval decorative floor tile segments mounted in custom made vintage wooden display frame, Staffordshire. A good group of three different segments of glazed terracotta floor tiles from high status Medieval buildings, all excavated in the Marchington area of Staffordshire. Tile segments have impressed concentric and radial geometric designs and feint traces of the original glaze within the designs. These chunky and heavy tile segments come from an old mid 20th Century collect and have been expertly and attractively mounted in an equally heavy, vintage, custom made wooden display frame with metal engraved sign detailing find location, which can be mounted on the wall if required. An interesting and very nicely presented group of Medieval items, Tile segments range from 50mm to 100mm in length, frame measures 187mm high x 163mm wide x 50mm thick.