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A nice large Viking bronze strap end. SOLD
A nice large Viking bronze strap end. SOLD
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c.9th/10th Century A.D. A nice, large and unusual Viking bronze strap end featuring "Tree of life" design. The socketed end of the strap end where the leather strap would once have been inserted has two integral rivets still in situ. The main body of the strapend has some incised lines and ridges for decoration and this leads to a more elaborate carved openwork section in the stylised form of a tree with its branches curling over either side, alluding to the "Tree of Life", a symbol that features widely in Viking folklore. The strapend is intact and in good condition with an overall dark green patination. Found in Yorkshire and from a West Contry collection.  A pleasant example and scarce, 42mm long x 21mm at widest