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A nice piece of Baltic Amber (Fossilised Tree Resin) containing two small but beautifully preserved insects (Beetle and Bee). SOLD
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Eocene Period c.55-45 Million years old. A nice piece of Baltic Amber (Fossilised Tree Resin) containing a small but beautifully preserved beetle and a bee. This piece of genuine Baltic Amber was found on the Baltic shores in Poland and has been professionally polished to reveal two tiny but perfectly preserved insects which became trapped in the sticky resin as it trickled down a tree in a prehistoric forest. Amber really is a time capsule, as creatures and insects trapped within it do not decay and are perfectly preserved for all eternity; this gives us a wonderful opporunity to gaze upon an actual creature that lived some 40-50 million years ago. Amber approx 34mm long with insects c.3mm in length. Supplied in small display box with plastic magnifier lens in the lid plus close up photos of the preserved insects.