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A nicely mounted Roman Tesserae and leather shoe fragment, London, c.1939, Full Provenance.
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c.3rd/4th Century A.D. A nicely mounted Roman large terracotta Mosaic Tesserae and fragment of a Roman leather shoe excavated in London. Both items are still mounted on the original 1930's stand up card display board and come from a group of assorted Roman artefacts excavated from the same site in London c.1939 and hails from an Amateur Archaeologists own private collection amassed during the 1930's and all the items also once formed part of a Museum display as various display signage and labelling accompanied the collection. All items in this particular Roman group were unearthed at a depth of 24 feet below Western Union House, 22 Great Winchester Street, London during re-inforcement work to a basement air raid shelter. An affordable and interesting couple of  Roman items from Britains capital, Roman leather is particularly scarce. Tesserae 27mm x 30mm, Shoe leather 92mm long x 30mm wide, Display board 154mm wide x 103mm tall.