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A nicely worked Paleolithic Early "Levallois" Flint End scraper tool, Foxhall Rd. Pit, Suffolk SOLD
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Foxhall Road Habitation site dated to c.400,000 to 300,000 B.C. A nicely worked Paleolithic Early "Levallois" Flint End scraper tool found in the early 20th Century at the famous and well documented site of the Foxhall Road Gravel pit in Ipswich, Suffolk which demonstrates a very early form of "Levallois" Industry type of manufacture (flake struck from the top of a prepared flint core). Well worked on upper surface with small tang possibly suggestive that it was once hafted into a handle of some kind for use.Totally intact and in lovely condition with good surfaces and ageing and a nice overall old shiny surface patination, an interesting example of a Palolithic end scraper from a notable Paleolithic site, 41mm long x 34mm at widest x 6mm thick