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A pleasant Lower Paleolithic "Acheulian" flint hand axe, Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, Kent
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Hoxnian interglacial c.424k-374k BC (MIS 11) A pleasant Lower Paleolithic "Acheulian" unifacial flint hand axe from the famous site of Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, Kent. Collected in the early-mid 20th Century and from an old Norfolk collection. Expertly fashioned from a pleasant cream coloured flint with a bulbous main body for grip, tapering down to the functional trihedral point. Worked on upper side only with a distinct medial ridge along its length. Intact and in very nice condition with a nice old Paleolithic colouration and patination, some light surface dirt in places as excavated but will clean easily, a good example from this famous Early Paleolithic site, 83mm long x 54mm wide x 35mm deep