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A pleasant Neolithic Assymetric flint Spear point, Avon Valley, Fordingbridge, Hants (N78)
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Early Neolithic c.5,000-3,000 B.C. A pleasant Neolithic Assymetric flint Spear point found many years back in the Avon Valley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire and from a Hampshire Geologists collection. A smaller spear point, most likely from a short thrusting spear, expertly fashioned from a pleasant mottled dark & light grey flint. Unifacially worked with a flat underside but well worked on upper surface to form a medial plateau with blade edges struck away on either side, edges and tip still sharp. Intact with a most attractive surface ageing and a shiny old patination, an appealing example of the type, 53mm long x 33mm wide x 8mm thick