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A pleasant Paleolithic Acheulian Unifacial Flint knife / saw tool, Foxhall Road Pit, Suffolk
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Foxhall Road Habitation site dated to MIS 11, c.400,000 to 300,000 B.C. A pleasant Paleolithic Acheulian Unifacial Flint knife / saw tool found in the early 20th Century at the famous and well documented site of the Foxhall Road Gravel pit in Ipswich, Suffolk. The tool is well fashioned from an attractive graduated brown, tan and beige coloured flint with a largely smooth underside but worked on upper surface with a defined medial ridge with blades struck away either side, one blade edge normal, the other slightly retouched and denticulated for sawing possibly. Totally intact and in lovely condition with good ageing and attractive old patination with some iron oxide highlights adding to its appeal, a nice example of a Paleolithic flake knife / saw tool from a notable Paleolithic site, 64mm long x 48mm at widest x 15mm thick