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A rare Ancient Egyptian Ramesside Period Ushabti figure. SOLD
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Ramesside Period c.1293-1070 B.C (19th-20th Dynasties). A rare Ancient Egyptian Ramesside Period faience Ushabti figure. Orignally blue green glazed but glaze now patchy from its many Millennia beneath the sands but some colour still evident. The ushabti is liberally decorated however with eyes, an ornate lappet tri-partitie head dress, small seed bag on back below headdress, crook and flail and a panel of heiroglyphs running down the front all in a dark applied pigment, these all still clear. [Ushabtis were placed in tombs to be magically summoned to life in order to undertake the work of the deceased in the afterlife] Apart from rubbing to glaze, the figure is totally intact and unrepaired and attractively mounted on a two stage clear perspex display block. In top condition this ushabti would have commanded a far higher price but this example is still a very presentable and appealing example of this rare type. Ex old Suffolk collection. 100mm tall (123mm on plinth) x 33mm wide x 23mm deep