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A rare and excellent Early Neolithic Quartzite Mace Head, Suffolk. SOLD
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c.4000-3000 B.C. A rare and excellent Early Neolithic Quartzite Mace Head found many years ago in Blundeston, Suffolk and from an old Suffolk collection. Expertly fashioned from large mid-brown oval Quartzite pebble with a large and well executed bi-conical hole painstakingly bored though it from either side (probably using a wooden bow drill and coarse sand mixed with water) to allow the Mace head to be fixed to a wooden handle; this mace head is too small to have been effectively used as a weapon it was most likely a Tribal status piece, possibly belonging to a chieftain or elder much like a staff of office is used today. Totally intact and in superb condition with a lovely surface ageing and patina to the Quartzite, a great example of the type and a rare and interesting Stone Age artefact, 108mm long x 68mm wide x 33mm thick.