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A rare and excellent quality "Piriform" flint arrowhead from Avebury, Wilts. SOLD
A rare and excellent quality
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c.3000-2500 B.C. A rare and excellent quality "Piriform" flint arrowhead found in the early 20th Century at one of the most famous of Prehistoric sites, Avebury, Wiltshire and from an old West Country collection. Very symmetrical and finely pressure flaked all over, very fine still sharp edges and a good tip. Old ink inscription on the front citing "Gilberts Farm, Avebury". Whitish overall chalky patina so typical of the area, darkish spot on reverse where the slightly porous chalky patina was in contact with a spot of Blutac originally holding it to a perspex display, however this should fade again in time as the oils gradually evaporate. Totally intact and in excellent condition, a lovely example of the type,  35mm long x 21mm wide