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A rare fossil of a Eurypterid "Sea Scorpion" [Eurypteris Remipes], New York, U.S.A. SOLD
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Silurian Period c.420 Million years ago. A rare fossil of a Eurypterid "Sea Scorpion" [Eurypteris Remipes] in its native shale matric, found in New York, U.S.A. Eurypterids were fearsome marine predators in the early prehistoric seas and were an extinct form of arthropod distantly related to arachnids (Spiders). Although this specimen is a small example, Eurpterids could grow to between 4-5 feet in length and some types were armed with fearsome spiked arms for grasping and killing prey. Euryteris Remipes was slightly less fearsome looking and had two very characteristic paddle shaped limbs with which it propelled itself through the waters. This fossil example features the head, thorax and both paddle clearly preserved. Eurypterid fossils can fetch good prices but this example is a collectable and very reasonably priced example, so take this opportunity to add one to your collection, shale slab 95mm wide, Eurypterid 50mm across x 20mm long.