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A rare Late Bronze age, bronze socketed axe head with embossed pellet decoration,Wiltshire. SOLD
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Late Bronze age c.800-600 B.C. A very nice and rare Late Bronze age, bronze socketed axe head with raised pellet decorations on either side, found in Wiltshire many years ago and from a Cornish private collection. A nicely defined blade, largely plain main body but with a rare decoration either side consisting of three large embossed pellets adjacent to the rim of the socket [it is possible these pellet decorations may once have held some significance to either the axes maker or someone it was made for, we can only wonder!], fastening loop on top edge for securing the axe head to a shaped wooden shaft for use. Totally intact and in very good overall condition, of good metal with decent surfaces and a pleasant overall dark shiny patination. A very nice example of the type and rare with decoration, 91mm long x 50mm across blade,socket 41mm diameter.