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A rare Roman "Boars Head & Crescent" bronze fibula brooch, found in England.
A rare Roman
A rare Roman A rare Roman A rare Roman A rare Roman
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c. 150-300 A.D. a very rare Roman "Boars Head & Crescent" fibula brooch dating from c. A.D. 150 - 300. These brooches are rare even in France, Belgium & Germany where they are believed to originate but this one was found in England as a few are very occasionally. From a U.S. private collection. It is suggested that these brooches possibly had some deeper religious or ceremonial significance (Druidic?) with the crescent moon and the Boars head emblazoned on them. They would have almost certainly once been silvered or gilded and the centre recess held either semi-precious stones or coloured enamelling; the brooch measures 48mm long x 13mm wide, a lovely example, minus pin as usual but otherwise totally intact and unblemished.