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A rare segment of Roman terracotta roof tile with a dogs paw print, on a vintage mount, Lincs. SOLD
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c.2nd/3rd Century A.D. A rare segment of Roman terracotta roof tile featuring a  dogs paw print and attractively mounted on a heavy and well made vintage wooden display frame with brass name plate giving the find location as Stow, Lincolnshire. The display will also hang on a wall if so desired. From an old Yorkshire collection. [Roman terracotta roof tiles were laid out in an open yard to dry before firing and sometimes wild or domestic animals would tread on the tiles whilst they were still soft, preserving their paw and hoof prints for eternity]. This interesting and attractively displayed piece is a poignant snapshot of Roman everyday life and roof tiles containing animal prints are seldom found or offered for sale, tile segment 105mm wide x 90mm x 33mm, display 167mm tall x 147mm wide x 58mm deep. (N.B. slightly higher postage on this item due to its weight)