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A scarce and unusual double fossil, a large Jurassic Period Ammonite and an Early Oyster fossilised together, Upper Lias Shales, Whitby, Yorks. SOLD
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Mid-Jurassic period c.170 Million to 160 Million years BC. A scarce and interesting double fossil, a large Jurassic Period Ammonite (An early form of Squid like cephalopod with a tightly coiled shell - Sp. Dactylioceras Commune) and an early relative of the modern oyster (Sp. Isognomon Isognomonoides) somehow became fossilised together and both were found in the Upper Lias shale deposits near Whitby, North Yorkshire. Some ancient situation led to the Ammonite and the Oyster perishing simultaneously with the Ammonite then drifting to the sea bed and settling on top of the oyster. Eventually both were covered in many layers of silt which over time hardened, was then compressed by geological processes into rock with the original creatures being fossilised and themselves turned to stone. This interesting and tactile fossil captures a brief moment in time from a period when the Dinosaurs still ruled our planet, 97mm long x 69mm wide x 40mm deep.