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A scarce and unusual Viking period silver "Lunular / Lunar" pendant (Lunnitsa) from Northern Germany. SOLD
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c.9th/10th Century A.D. A scarce and unusual Viking period silver "Lunular" pendant (Lunnitsa) from Northern Germany. [Lunular pendants were considered as a symbol of fertitility, female strength and luck. Crescent shaped pendants like this one were often worn by Viking women simply on the chest or with other pendants and beads, all together forming impressive necklaces hanging from one tortoise brooch to another.] This example is made from a slightly base silver with bulbous terminals on the crescent tips, a raised annulet on either side and a small suspension loop at the top for suspending from a leather lanyard. Some slight surface pitting but otherwise intact and in good overall condition, could possibly even be cleaned and worn again on a fine chain if required. A scarce and interesting piece of Ancient jewellery, display box included, 21mm wide x 23mm high.