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A scarce and very large Ancient Egyptian "Eye of Horus" terracotta amulet mould from Thebes (Luxor). SOLD
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New Kingdom Period c.1300 B.C. A scarce and much larger than normal terracotta amulet mould for making very large Eye of Horus amulets. These moulds were used in Egyptian temple workshops, and faience (a form of quartz based clay) pressed into them to form amulets, a thin sliver of reed was then pushed through to make the suspension piercing and the amulets would then have been dried, glazed and then kiln fired. The Eye of Horus amulet was a popular protective amulet, much favoured by the Ancient Egyptians and was worn not olny as a talisman but it could also be purchased at a temple for inclusion in the mummy wrappings of a deceased person as a protection for the afterlife. Amulet moulds are much scarcer than the amulets themselves and rarely appear for sale, this particular example is a much larger than normal example. Found in Luxor during the early 20th Century and from an old Swiss private collection. Supplied with a custom display stand. Small old chip to lower left edge (not-detracting) otherwise intact and in very good condition, 60mm long x 45mm high x 23mm deep