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A scarce, extremely early Lower Paleolithic proto flint hand axe, Pakefield, Suffolk. SOLD
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Cromerian - Anglian Interglacials c.MIS 17-13, c.712,000 - 524,000 BC. A scarce and extremely early Lower Paleolithic flint hand axe from the famous site at Pakefield, Suffolk. [Pakefield is one of a just couple of sites on the East Anglian coast that has yielded definitive and scientifically dated proof for the earliest habitation by Prehistoric Man in the entirety of the U.K. Finds at Pakefield in recent years have now pushed back proven Hominid occupation by some 200,000 years further to c.700,000 years B.C. and as such Pakefield is now considered to be one of the most important Prehistoric habitation sites in the U.K.] This pleasant flint hand axe has been nicely worked from a nodule of dark black flint, so synonymous with many of the earliest flint tools discovered at Pakefield, an area of pebble cortex remains on the lesser worked side to enhance its grip in the hand, the axe nicely worked to form distinct chopping edge. Intact and in very nice condition for its great age with a lovely shiny old Paleolithic patina to worked surfaces, an appealing and tactile example of a very early British flint hand axe from a very notable site, 87mm long x 52mm wide x 47mm thick