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A scarce group of 3 x Medieval Military "Scale Armour" segments, Germany SOLD
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c.15th/16th Century A.D. A scarce group of 3 x Medieval "Scale Armour" segments excavated in Germany many years back and from an old London collection. Two scales feature a double swagged lower edge and likely hail from a shoulder or arm region of a scale armour suit, one slightly more curved with a triple swagged lower edge most likely from an armoured gauntlet; Scale armour was carefully laid in overlapping rows and stitched to thick leather or padded under garments to form an articulated armoured protective garment. All in very good condition with sound surfaces and the group comes in a nice black velvet lined display box, unusual and seldom offered military items, they measure 32mm x 28mm, 30mm x 23mm and 28mm x 25mm respectively, the group only