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A scarce Lower Paleolithic chert Bifacial hand axe, Broom Pit, Devon/Dorset (N47) SOLD
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Lower Paleolithic - (MIS9 to MIS8 dated layers c.324,000 - 284,000 years old). A scarce Lower Paleolithic chert Bifacial hand axe from the famous and well documented early Paleolithic site of Broom Gravel Pit in the Axe Valley on the Devon / Dorset Border. From a Hampshire Geologists collection. The axe is clearly worked and has a well defined functional point with a thicker butt end to facilitate a better grip of the tool in the hand during use. Intact and in very nice overall condition with good ageing and imbued with an appealing old collection patination, a good tactile piece and a scarce example of the type from this famous early prehistoric site, 102mm long x 56mm wide x 28mm thick