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A scarce Roman bronze Phallic mount (a symbol of good luck and fertility), Central Midlands. SOLD
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c.1st/2nd Century A.D. A scarce Roman bronze Phallic mount found in the Central Midlands. A small bronze mount in the stylised form of a phallus and testes, flat backed with remnants of two mounting rivets on the reverse. Phallic mounts were greatly revered by the Romans and represented an amulet to boost fertility both for men and women; they featured on a great many everyday items, clothing, pendants, leather straps and belts, caskets and boxes etc. This mount probably one of a group may have once been affixed to a leather belt or garment. A couple of tiny old knocks (not detracting) otherwise totally intact and in good overall condition with a pleasant light green patina,  a pleasant and affordable example, 28mm long x 15mm wide.